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Billy Zane on Barabbas the movie

Billy Zane on Starring in Barabbas the Movie and His New Greek Project (video)

Actor Billy Zane (Titanic) talks about portraying Barabbas in the new Reelz Channel mini-series. In an exclusive interview with Greek Reporter the Greek-American actor...
Billy Zane is geeting ready to launch a Greek Olive Oil Business in the US

Exclusive: Actor Billy Zane to Launch Greek Olive Oil Company (video)

Billy Zane is getting ready to launch a Greek olive oil importing company in the U.S. The Greek-American actor plans to import olive oil from the...
The History of the Red carpet traces back to Ancient Greece

The Greek Roots of the Red Carpet: A Post-Oscar Must-Read

Have you ever wondered when was the first red carpet ever held in history and why rolling out a red carpet indicates an honor...
Omar Akram with Dr. Mike Vassilomanolakis, Grammy Winners 2013

2013 Grammy Winners: A Greek Doctor and Kelly Clarkson Get Awards

Two Greek-Americans, Kelly Clarkson and Dr. Mike Vasilomanolakis received Grammy Awards during the 2013 star-studded ceremony that took place on February 10th in downtown...