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Cloudy Sunday

‘Cloudy Sunday’: The Untold Story of Jewish Greeks in Thessaloniki

"Cloudy Sunday" tells the poignant and tragic story of the Greek-Jewish population of Thessaloniki during WWII. As part of its "Always on Sunday" program,...
Contogenis Ek Eris Talent Agency

Eris Talent Agency: Stories From Greek Agents in Hollywood

People are always reading stories of our favorite actors and directors that entertain us on screen. However, Hollywood has many moving parts, and a lot...
Betty White

Betty White Turns 99; May Get ‘Betty White Day’ As Present

Actress and comedic icon Betty White turns 99 years old on Sunday, January 17. In true White fashion, she joked that now, "I can...
A still from "Apples", by Christos Nikou

LAGFF To Screen ‘Apples’, Greece’s ‘Best International Film’ Contender

The Los Angeles Greek Film Festival (LAGFF) will offer a free virtual screening of the film "Apples" on January 17. Directed by Christos Nikou, "Apples"...

New Alexander the Great Series to Be Filmed in Greece

A new promising Hollywood series on the life of Alexander the Great has been announced by the creators of "Vikings" to be filmed in Greece.
Oscars 2014 Winners - *6th Academy Awards Winenrs

What Will The 2021 Oscars Be Like?

In these challenging times, the 2021 Oscars will have to be produced differently than ever before. However, an award-winning team has come together to...
Gabrielle Carteris

Carteris on Hollywood Productions: ‘This is Not a Safe Environment’

As studios, production companies, and entertainers try to start up Hollywood productions in 2021, LA's status as a new COVID hotspot is making things...
Zoe Kazan Plot Against America

Sundance’s ‘Cryptozoo’ Includes Zoe Kazan and Angeliki Papoulia

The animated film "Cryptozoo" will premiere at the virtual 2021 Sundance Film Festival. The cast includes Greek-American actresses Angeliki Papoulia and Zoe Kazan. "Cryptozoo" will...
Maria Menounos' parents

Maria Menounos’ Parents Both Hospitalized With COVID

Famous Greek-American host Maria Menounos' parents have both been hospitalized with COVID-19. Menounos announced that she took a weeklong break from hosting her podcast and...
Orianthi concert

Guitarist and Singer Orianthi Releases New Album ‘O’

Greek-Australian singer, songwriter, and critically acclaimed guitarist Orianthi has just released a new solo album, titled "O", which debuted on November 6. This is the...