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The Outpost York Films

Greek-Led York Films to Release Afghanistan War Thriller ‘The Outpost’

York Films, a bicoastal American production company led by John Kalafatis, Tommy Vlahopoulos, and Joanna Kalafatis, recently co-produced a new Afghanistan war film titled...
Joanna Kalafatis stars in the new music video of Pierce the Veil

Actress Joanna Kalafatis in New ‘Pierce the Veil’ Music Video

Greek-American actress Joanna Kalafatis stars in the new music video for "Bulls in the Bronx" by Pierce the Veil  from their latest album 'Collide...
Joanna Kalafatis

Joanna Kalafatis Shines in LA Premiere of “Lights Off, Eyes Closed”

Greek-American actress Joanna Kalafatis plays the lead character, Jane, in the play  “Lights Off, Eyes Closed”, which premiered for the first time on Saturday,...