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Maria Menounos Talks about Her Acces Hollywood Madcap Adventures

The Greek-American takes herself out of her comfort zone and pursues things she had only dreamed of doing, like recording a song with Justin Bieber, impersonating Dolly Parton and performing with New Kids.

Greek God “Costas” aka Alec Baldwin Takes Over SNL

The season finale of 'Saturday Night Live' had Greek flavor. Host Alec Baldwin and Kenan Thompson played a couple of middle-aged gentlemen who, after...

Evan Lysacek Passes to Next Round of “Dancing with the Stars”

Evan Lysacek-the gold medalist from the Winter Olympics of Vancouver -made it safely to week eight of "Dancing with the Stars" along with his...

Director of House MD Greg Yaitanes Talks about Season 6 Finale

HN8RCLnIcNI Greg Yaitanes is one of the most sought after directors in American television and as his name reveals he is Greek-American. In this new...

12 God’s Theme continues on TV series “Caprica”

By Evangelos Goulas Remember Battlestar Galactica, the series that was running for 5 years (2004-2009). It took place in the future and was centered around...

Elementary, my dear… Stavros: The Greek Connection to TV’s CSI

"CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" and its two spinoffs have been among the most popular primetime TV shows over the last eight years. Each CSI series has a Greek member in the cast-- George Eads on the original "CSI" (set in Las Vegas), Melina Kanakaredes on "CSI: New York", and Sofia Milos on "CSI: Miami".

Elizabeth Perkins heats things up in “Weeds”

Celia Hodes (Perkins) is passionate, feisty and driven to be successful, having led a charge against drugs in the show’s third season. It would not seem out of place that the actress playing this fiercely independent woman is Greek.

Debbie Matenopoulos

The Greek girl of E! tells us that she wants to open a "gyro" restaurant in LA, and a hotel in Greece.

John Stamos

The handsome boy -then- and well established TV producer and actor describes how he managed to escape his Greek destiny that wanted him to become a restaurant owner.